Date russian girl from Moscow

I love helping people and it’s important to me that others are happy. I would give my neighbor the shirt off my back if he or she needed it. I can’t stand arguments and tend to avoid confrontation. I’m capable of true unconditional love but I tend to choose partners who can take advantage of my generous and simple-hearted nature. I always seem to be cheerful and I’m good with words, but a good listener, too. I believe that new experiences always bring us positive feeling that’s why I love visiting new places. And when you go somewhere you always meet with new people and get to know of strange to you cultural traditions.That’s what I value in traveling.

I have many friends and like to spend my free time with them. I can’t live without going to the country and merging with the nature. Music makes me high whether I’m upset or happy so I listen to it quite often. Reading sometimes helps us to escape from reality and drive our attention from everyday bustle that’s why I’m really keen on reading. I like sports and being active as I think that being on the move is being alive. I dream to meet a witty man with a wonderful sense of humor, who loves the excitement of romance. A man who’s mature and strong but is able to be committed and caring in relations. He should appreciate me for who I am, respect my feelings and value my virtues. He should be pleasant to be around and share the responsibility for making the relations work.