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The overwhelming majority of people who come to the online dating platforms are worried about what online relationships look like and what one should do in order to be successful. Well, we are going to give you some insight into what it is like to date women online and what you are expected to do.


To begin with, it is all about establishing a mutual bond which is based on reciprocal trust. What we mean by the word ‘bond’ is simply the way of life, i.e. your life should change significantly. You can no longer imagine living without your sweetheart (this is of a particular importance when dating Russian women: they have to know that they are needed and mean something for you). It can be expressed via constant phone calls and messaging, through the fact that both of you want to share all the burthens and all the hardships of each other, to participate in every part of each other’s lives. That is what we mean by bond. At the same time, this is not achievable or realistic, if it has no foundation which is normally all about trust. This is the keystone of the whole process. One cannot talk of any kind of relationships, if they are not strengthened by trust. There is a couple of key concepts that comprise the term of ‘trust’. In the first place, we are referring to the fact that you are expected to be honest about your past. However, that is a very hard challenge which is not frequently dealt with. Yes, on one hand, you should tell your sweetheart about all the past deeds and relationships and be as honest as possible (at the same time bear in mind that some things may hurt). So, make sure that you do select what it must be told. Some intimate details can and actually should be omitted for the sake of your girlfriend’s wellbeing, especially a Russian one because they are quite sentimental. On the hand, you have to be confident in your partner’s honesty and loyalty to you. If you are still unsure whether you want to carry on your relationships, then you can start telling something. Warning! Try to observe her reaction. She should tell you about her past life in response. If she does not do it, next her because she will never fully trust you and is likely to cheat on you.

In addition to that, you have to keep progressing. It means that your relationships should stay the same. They’ve got to evolve. It can be noticed due to the change in the way you talk to each other, the way you look at each other, etc. However, many assume that it implies that the relationships should only progress forward and never show signs of backwardness. It is the other way around. Relationships and love are one of the few things that cannot be calculated using maths or any other natural sciences. The two are not stable. You can have quarrels and misunderstanding, but the key here is to be willing to overcome all the difficulties because, due to the bond and trust, you cannot think of someone else being beside you. You will never be as honest and bound as you do now. However, it should once again be mutual. It does not work one way. Do not worry if you are trying hard, but it seems like you are ruining and making things worse. No, if you see that your partner is also willing to change herself and to achieve perfect relationships, then you ought to keep trying. You may think of the problems as the creative destruction, like in economics. The things and concepts that happen to be destroyed, can be substituted by something more valuable Keep it mind!


Generally, these two principles seem to be understood relatively easily and even seem easy, but when it comes to the point to implement them, it causes lots of troubles. Moreover, it is crucial to realise that love is not conceived with words, but deeds. Only that person who has lived his life together with another person, then he may say that he loves her or she loves him. That is a very important thing. Love is not about your emotions. It is about what you do and choices that you make.